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Biochar is a virtual sponge that retains water and nutrients at the root level.

Whether you irrigate a lawn, a garden, or a 50,000 acre farm, historically the result has been the same — the act of watering actually minimizes and washes away vital nutrients from the soil while the remaining moisture quickly evaporates. Even when we water and feed constantly, our crops and plants rarely approach their full potential.

So why not develop a sort of organic "sponge" to keep nutrients from washing away and to hold water just beneath the soil's surface where the root system can drink and feed to maximum efficiency?

Why not indeed?

Blue Sky Biochar, a Biological Charcoal soil supplement, sets up a naturally organic support system that retains both water and nutrients concentrated at the plant's root level.

Even the richest soil on our planet has only so much ability to hold onto water and nutrients on its own. But the biochar process requires far less fertilizing and significantly reduced (up to 50% less) watering.

This is no idle boast. Organic charcoal has long been recognized as holding a crucial place in the support of plant biology. But now the bridge from ancient discovery to modern implementation has taken the quite simple step forward into our very best management of vital resources. 

Plants can now feed and drink all they need. No more over-fertilizing and over watering. Natural resources are conserved and our agriculture flourishes with heretofore unheard of yields. A staggeringly simple concept and yet impressively effective in every agricultural circumstance.

Blue Sky's custom pelletized biochar is the definitive solution to the centuries-old dilemma of home gardeners, landscapers and professional farmers the world over. Start rebuilding your soil's ability to sustain itself, consistently producing the highest conceivable yield, and all while conserving vital natural resources.



Michael Wittman has long been an environmental activist for an ever-growing number of national grass roots movements. He brings to bear a lifetime of experience in Alternative Energy. In 1970 he was a volunteer organizer of the very first Earth Day in New York City. His highest priority has long been the defense and conservation of all natural resources.

With over 30 years as a well respected entrepreneur, marketing specialist and event producer in the professional beauty industry, Michael has been instrumental in the building of international firms such as Jhirmack, Paul Mitchell Systems, Tweezerman and Colorbrites. In 1985 he was the creator and CEO of Metropolis Technology, Inc., a professional beauty manufacturing company.

His affinity for this planet's continued good health has never wavered as he has continued to advocate prudence and moderation in the environment. He is also a life-long animal rights activist. An accomplished, knowledgeable and engaging public speaker, Michael has approached American fuel reform from a refreshingly calm and reasoned perspective while broadening the public consciousness of reasonably affordable and underutilized natural resources.

In 2006, Michael founded and became chief executive officer of Third Planet Energy Inc., a California biofuel company. While continuing to expand and facilitate biofuel and alternative energy interests, in 2010 he launched The Blue Sky Enterprise, an alternative energy consultation and supply company.

Having now brought his personal and professional passion full circle, in 2011 Michael founded Blue Sky Biochar to promote both the notion of sustainable soil health and the means by which to make it happen. Blue Sky continues to advocate the individual reclamation of our biological birthright on earth.