Blue Sky Biochar - Pyro Pyramid Kiln 46 inch

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How it Works

Blue Sky Biochar - Pyro Pyramid Kiln 46 inch

Make your own charcoal while grilling your food Never buy charcoal again Use scrap wood to BBQ in the Blue Sky Biochar PyroPyramid Kiln Cook your food AND make valuable biochar - a charcoal soil amendment Biochar is a super soil amendment that will help conserve water and fertilizer in your garden The Blue Sky Biochar PyroPyramid Kiln is safe and easy to use.

Made in the USA

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Here is how it works:

1. Set the PyroPyramid Kiln on a fireproof surface - brick or bare dirt will work best. Keep a hose nearby for safety.

2. Prepare a wheelbarrow load of dry sticks or pieces of old lumber that are about 1 inch to 3 inches thick and up to 2 1/2 feet long.

3. Using some kindling, make a small fire in the bottom of the kiln.

4. Slowly add more wood until you have a pile of glowing coals.

5. Knock the pile down so you have a layer of burning coals a few inches thick.

6. Now it is time to start adding wood one layer at a time across the top of the coals. As soon as one layer turns black, add another layer. You will add a new layer about every 5-10 minutes depending on the size of your wood.

7. Keep adding wood until the PyroPyramid Kiln is almost full. You will notice that there is very little smoke. The secret of the PyroPryamid is that it makes wood gas, leaving charcoal behind. Wood gas burns clean with little smoke.

8. Add a grill at any time to start cooking your food.

9. When you are finished with cooking, spray the charcoal with water and put it out completely.

10. Use your biochar charcoal in the garden.

Note: Do not try to use your biochar for grilling because it won't work very well. Most of the energy has been cooked out of it so it is more like activated charcoal than BBQ briquettes. Your plants will love it though!

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