Organic Solution - Ambrosia 1 gallon

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Organic Solution - Ambrosia 

Ambrosia is an organic liquid microbial inoculum handcrafted in small batches to assure quality and freshness.  Ambrosia is specially formulated to help plants achieve optimum soil biology in the root zone. It is full of micronutrients derived from worm castings that allow your plants to fully digest nutrients in the soil. You can use Ambrosia in your soil medium or hydroponic system each time that you water. This miracle elixir is concentrated so a little goes a long way and it will never burn or harm your plants. Unlike compost tea, Ambrosia is an extract made from 100% worm castings and is not activated meaning that we have not introduced any food groups. This makes Ambrosia extremely stable! Use Ambrosia as your base when making compost tea! Starting out with a baseline of biological liquid instead of plain water will cut your brew time down by 12 hours. Make sure you use Organic Solution’s Compost Tea Kits for a perfect brew every time!

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