Blue Sky Biochar networks with many companies and organizations in the ever broadening landscape of ecosystem awareness. We have provided these links to important websites as well as topical articles and worthwhile videos to help you learn more about our environmental partners and the broadening biochar movement.

  1. Organic Solutions
  2. Sonoma Biochar Initiative
  3. Biochar International
  4. Ithaka Institute
  5. Renewables 100
  6. Gardenerd
  7. Toaks - City of Thousand Oaks
  8. Tree People
  9. Intelligent Irrigation
  10. The Biochar Journal
  11. Back Yard Biochar
  12. Wilson Biochar Associates
  13. US Biochar Initiative
  14. Biochar Lab - Control Laboratories
  15. Smarter Planet Enterprises
  16. The Climate Mobilization
  17. Food Forward