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If you have or are planning to buy or build an Electric Vehicle you will want to let the world know just how serious you are about future and a cleaner environment. Easy to apply, Lifetime Warranty. Genuine OEM Quality. This Tesla is owned by the former President of PLUG IN AMERICA, Linda Nicoles who wanted everyone to know that this car is ELECTRIC as it does not normally say so. The Mini Cooper Electric belongs to Stefano Paris who felt the same way that Linda Nicoles did about letting the world know they are driving a pure electric vehicle.

Here is a quote from Linda Nicholes of Plug in America. 

"Michael,  I thank you every day for the chrome "ELECTRIC"  emblem  you placed on the rear of my Tesla two years ago.  Without that signage and even with my TESLAAH license plate, lots of people would have no idea that this is an electric car.  (Doesn't fit into their preconceived notion of what an electric car is, you know  ; ]

I cannot even imagine the drivers I've been able to haphazardly educate on the freeway, at stoplights and  in parking lots.

Thank you again and thank you so much.  Best $30 some dollars I ever spent!  I hope you're able to distribute lots of these emblems as we get mass-produced electric cars on the road.  I would think that with gas headed to over four bucks a gallon your electric emblem biz will really pick up!


Linda Nicholes

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