Champion Biochar TLUD Biomass Stove "TEMPORARALLY OUT OF STOCK"

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Champion Biochar TLUD Biomass Stove

TLUD Gasifier Biomass Stove TLUD stands for Top Lit Up Draft. This is different from most of the ordinary cook stoves which are Bottom Lit Up Draft. There is a lot of interest in TLUD technology around the world since this saves around 75 % fuel material compared to a traditional 3 stone fire wood stove. A second advantage with TLUD technology is that it can accept a lot of waste materials as fuel like twigs, coconut shells, certain husks, dry grass, etc. Some of these fuels are also available at NIL cost in specific instances. A third advantage is that tree felling is not necessary for fuel, since residues as mentioned above is enough. A fourth advantage is that the entire process is carbon-neutral if the resultant charcoal is also burned. In case this charcoal is taken out and used as a soil conditioner, the entire process becomes carbon-negative. ie. practically, carbon is removed from the atmosphere and deposited in the soil.


Hence TLUD technology is extremely environment-friendly. The Process: The canister is filled with the fuel material. A small quantity of starter material is put on top of this fuel bed and set on fire. Primary air for combustion comes from below through the fuel bed. The heat from the fire pyrolysis the biomass immediately below to form pyrolysis gases. These gases move up and get combusted with the pre-heated secondary air that is fed from around. Once the pyrolysis is over, a small quantity of charcoal is left behind at the bottom of the canister. This charcoal is generally transferred to a metallic or earthern closed container where the fire gets put out in the absence of air. This charcoal can be used later for various purposes. The present design used by Servals has been given by Dr. Paul S Anderson of US. The initial stoves are presently undergoing field trial and evaluation. Depending on the success seen from the field trials, production can be suitably upgraded. As it looks at present, TLUD Gasifier Stove technology holds tremendous potential in relation to greener environment and low carbon initiatives.

Shipping: Flat Rate of $35.00 any where within the United States.

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