EM1 Soil Conditioner is the perfect product to create a vibrant and diverse garden environment. With a huge array of applications EM-1® can help solve many problems in the garden, including pest and disease control and also improve soil fertility and plant health.

Healthy soils require diverse microbial activity to break down organic matter and fertilizer inputs to promote a healthy environment for plants. EM® is a certified organic, microbial inoculant that provides a broad spectrum of microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins, and various organic acids which are all essential components for healthy soils and plants. They will support the growth of other important components including mychorrizae, earth worms, and insects already in your soil

California Department of Food and Agriculture Listed for Organic Operations. (CDFA OIM) USDA Certified Biobased Product Certified Organic by CCOF, OMRI Listed


Healthier Soil, Tastier Crops, Longer Shelf Life

Get ready for a garden that's bursting with flavor and nutrition! EM-1® soil conditioner is the secret to improving the taste and quality of your fruits and vegetables® create a healthy soil environment, reducing insect and disease problems. And with continuous use, your soil will improve year after year.

Say goodbye to blight and other soil-borne diseases.


Revitalize Your Soil with EM-1® Effective Microorganisms.

Boost microbial activity and nutrient cycling to repair damaged soil and nourish your plants. Say goodbye to compacted soil and hello to improved structure and water absorption. Experience the transformative power of EM-1® soil conditioner today.

  • Promotes healthier root growth
  • Stimulates and maintains overall plant health
  • Enhances nutrient availability for optimal plant growth
  • Fortifies resistance against environmental stressors
  • Naturally loosens compact, clay soils


Root Enhancer, Immunity Boost

Your plants deserve the best, and that's what they get with our 100% organic formula. It's like a health fix for your green friends, no harsh chemicals or GMO ingredients. Use it every 2 - 4 weeks when you water without worries. Keep your plants healthy, happy, and root rot-free!

EM-1® Helps Plants Reach Their Full Genetic Potential


Vegetables and Flowers
  • 3 Tbsp to 1 gallon of clean water.
  • Every 1-2 weeks.

Fruit Trees and Shrubs
  • 3 Tbsp to 1 gallon of clean water.
  • Every 2 - 4 weeks

Seeds and Seedlings
  • 3 Tbsp to 1 Gallon of clean water.
  • Once Per Week

Lawns and Grass
  • 3 Tbsp to 1 gal of clean water.
  • Every 1 - 4 weeks

Hydroponics Plants (Water)
  • Add 0.8 Tsp to 1 gal of clean water.
  • Once per week

Hydroponic Plants (substrate)
  • 3-5ml / cup of water
  • Once per week

Activated EM-1®
  • Add 1 oz of EM-1, 1 oz of Molasses to 1 gal of clean water. Wait 7 days before use.

Indoor Plants
  • 3 Tbsp to 1 gallon of water
  • Every 4