ETNAWARE PAMPA Lava Stone Grill from Mount Etna Sicily FREE SHIPPING


Type: Cook Stove Grill

Vendor: Blue Sky Biochar

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ETNAWARE Pampa Lava Stone Grill from Sicily, Italy is made from a solid piece of Volcanic Lava from Mount Etna and is an awesome way to grill Meat, Seafood and Veggies.

We have been using and loving how beautifully it cooks and how the food tastes when done it's a really unique experience...

The Pampa Grill can be used on your home Gas Stove, Portable Gas Stove, Barbeque or most any cooking device...

PAMPA Set consists mainly of a 12.5" x 12.5" Lava stone which weighs 11 pounds, coated with our specialty ceramic mixture applied on the upper surface and the four sides.

That allows a slow cooking for extremely tasty food and gas stove saving due to thermal inertia of the Etna Lava Rock, so just get relaxed with your activities and free time whilst the PAMPA Set will look after cooking for you!

This 45 degree cut is only made in the front end to allow greases and liquids to flush away easier, into a separate tray currently supplied in Borosilicate Glass  included with each «Pampa Set», which includes also a Stainless Steel support frame with handles and a steel mesh flame diffuser.

The upper edges are designed according to the principles of V-shape metal bars on steel grills, to sustain food and have that separated from greases and liquids produced while cooking.

Each single groove is initially machined out with a few millimeters depth on the back side so that to generate an inclined surface.

Every groove is machined out manually to create a specific angle reaching the front side, as to make greases and liquids falling by gravitation while the whole stone stays always horizontal and safe.

PAMPA Set has been designed to be taken anywhere, for you to live the outdoors by relaxing more than any other cookware would allow you to do!

The upper surface ceramic coating does prevent food to be burned if left longer, whilst you are enjoying the outdoors with the family and friends!

PAMPA Set is a portable cookware utensil allowing to be taken by any means of transport everywhere you want to go with it!