SEEK Organic Bamboo Biochar 1/2 cubic foot Micronized Powder


Type: Biochar

Vendor: Blue Sky Biochar

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SEEK Organic Bamboo Biochar Micronized Powder / CDFA 1/2 cubic foot

This Micronized powdered Bamboo Biochar is used for seed coating for long and safe storage of seeds, can be used in some irrigation systems provided the nozzle is large enough for it to pass through and any other soil application needing fine biochar...

BBP No. 6 Specification

Total Fixed Carbon: <90%
Total Organic Carbon: <80%
Organic Matter: 30%
pH: 8.0
Water: ≤10%

Ash: 4.5%

Appearance: Black Micronized Powder

This Biochar can be used in many different applications.

Main Features:

Improve soil Aggregate Structure

Retain Moisture, Retains Nutrients

Increases Microbial Life

Absorb Residues of Pesticides, and Heavy metals