About Us

Michael Wittman, Char-man of the Board of Blue Sky Biochar, has long been an environmental activist for an ever-growing number of national grass roots movements. He brings to bear a lifetime of experience in alternative energy and soil science. In 1970 he was a volunteer organizer of the very first Earth Day in New York City. His highest priority has long been the defense and conservation of all natural resources and life on earth.

His affinity for this planet's continued good health has never waivered as he has continued to advocate prudence and moderation in the environment. He is also a Marine Naturalist spending half his life diving and kayaking around the world and he is a life-long animal rights activist. An accomplished, knowledgeable and engaging public speaker, Michael has approached American fuel reform from a refreshingly calm and reasoned perspective while broadening the public consciousness of reasonably affordable and underutilized natural resources.

Having now brought his personal and professional passion full circle, in 2010 Michael founded Blue Sky Biochar to promote both the notion of sustainable and regenerative soil health and the means by which to make it happen. Blue Sky continues to advocate the individual reclamation of our biological birthright on earth.

The First Earth Day in the year 1970

Michael Wittman was a volunteer organizer during the first Earth Day in NYC April 22, 1970. We marched down 5th Avenue with Mayor John Lindsay and 300,000 participants...