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BIOCHAR 101: Living Soil


BIOCHAR 101: Bamboo Wood Vinegar


The FabStove
Bio Char Continuing Ed Workshop (Click photo to open)
BIOCHAR 101: Entrepreneurship
What is Biochar?

Biochar Interview Podcast:

The Future is Regenerative Podcast:

Pushing Foliar Applications into Hyperdrive Podcast


BlueSky Biochar Organic Garden

GARDENERD Podcast: Biochar with Michael Wittman and Christy Wihelmi

Vortex Fire Tower Makes Biochar

Michael Wittman - What is Biochar?

Don't Panic Its Organic - Audio Interview with Michael Wittman
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Michael Wittman - Living Soil
Is Biochar the Answer to All Your Gardening Problems?
Michael Wittman of Blue Sky Biochar visits the Upper Ojai Burn area of the Thomas Fire
Waste No More
Arbor Earth Day 2015
Michael Wittman on Biochar (Podcast)

What is Biochar & How Can It Help With Agriculture

The Promise of Biochar (Part I) - Watch our Video to Learn More
 The Promise of Biochar (Part II) - Watch our Video to Learn More
Blue Sky Biochar Cone Kiln

Intro to Biochar - City of Thousand Oaks

The Golden Anniversary Thousand Oaks



BlueSky Biochar Organic Garden Video from Michael J. Cahill.

A great story involving wood vinegar: Link

A great Biochar article: Link