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     ( pyroligneous acid )

Wood Vinegar, is a sustainably made liquid microbial stimulant containing hundreds of naturally occurring organic compounds. It is a co-product of the Pyrolysis process that makes Biochar

Use as a source to enhance and support beneficial microbe activity, improving your plant and soil health while eliminating synthetic chemical dependency.

It can be used as a bio stimulant, protection from insects and plant fungal diseases, for stimulating seed germination, Ph buffering and many other uses.

Directions for use: all dilution rates are per gallon of non-chlorinated water if possible.

1/4 oz. For basic bio stimulation of foliage and soil.

1/2 oz. For enhanced bio stimulation and protection for plants and soil from

            diseases and insects.

3/4 oz. For stronger enhanced bio stimulation and further protection from

            diseases and insects.

1 oz.    For seed germination ( soak seeds for 20-30 minutes ) and even

            further enhanced protection from diseases and insects.

Once you gain a little experience using Blue Sky Wood Vinegar you will find the right dilution rate that works for your specific needs just adjust the dilution rate as needed, it’s safe to use regularly and is safe for all plants, soil and living beings. You can experiment using stronger dilution rates just avoid using it in it’s undiluted concentrated form. 100% Biodegradable and made from sustainable hardwood feedstock waste, No trees were cut down to make this product.

It will be best to add a surfactant such as liquid soap at 2 tablespoons per gallon to allow the solution to adhere more evenly to the leaves and not just bead up and roll off.

Once you mix up a batch it will only be stable for a few days.

Do not use with Alkaline based pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers.

The self life is 3-5 years when stored properly for best results store indoors away from moisture, heat and light.



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