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Some people have dirt, some people have soil and some people have "LIVING SOIL" and there is a difference.

LIVING SOIL is rich in Humus, Bacterial and Fungal Microbiology, Minerals, Organic Carbon and Fixed Carbon also known as Biochar.

LIVING SOIL has great aeration, drainage, tilth and is an ideal loamy soil.

This Rock Dust blend has a very broad spectrum of minerals and trace minerals to assure you got it all, nothing is missing with this blend and is one of the inputs needed to create your own LIVING SOIL.

This is a very complex blend of many mineral inputs which release over time and  includes the following,

Azomite, Granite Dust, Basalt Dust, Saint Georges Black, Kelp Meal, Crab Shell, Brix Blend Humate and Boron

This blend is used once every 3-5 years by top spreading or blended into your soil.

1 Lb. does 50 square feet for best results.

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