The Blue Sky Garden Hose Filter

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Why The Blue Sky Garden Hose Filter?

  • Blue Sky water filter outperforms the competition
  • The Blue Sky garden hose water filter is uniquely constructed using 7 filter media.
  • The highest grade acid washed coconut shell carbon is utilized. Many competing filters use less expensive bituminous (coal based) carbon.
  • The Blue Sky water filter employs twice as much bacteriostatic KDF filter media as some competing filters. This allows for better filtration and longer filter life.
  • The Blue Sky water filter incorporates 5 separate sediment filters that minimize sediment and turbidity whereas competing brands utilize only 2 to 3 sediment filters.
  • The Blue Sky water filter uses 50 micron sediment pads whereas competing brands use as high as 150 micron pads (The lower the micron count, the smaller the particle size it will stop).
  • The filter housing is made from a very durable UV resistant polypropylene making for a rugged filter which is also resistant to damage from UV light.
  • Molded garden hose end fitting allow for a snug leak free connection unlike flimsy nylon ends found in some competing brands that cross thread and leak. Also, other inexpensive brands use what appear as durable brass connectors which actually can contain lead that can leach into the water.
  • Tightly packed filtration media which all but eliminates the potential of “channeling”. Channeling can occur when loosely packed filter media settles and allows the water passing through the filter to actually bypass the media altogether.
  • Protective end caps included for storage (store wet) when not in use. Unlike “carbon only” filters which actually promote bacteria growth within the filter itself, our filters prevent bacteria growth thanks to the KDF media. Filter media should be kept moist (after initial use) when not used to allow the KDF media to stay active and prevent bacteria build up.
  • While good for up to 40,000 gallons, the Blue Sky filter provides high-quality filtered water free of contaminants for organic gardening. Simply attach the Blue Sky filter to a garden hose and enjoy the benefits of toxin free water.

    • Eliminates micronutrient-destroying chlorine and chloramines from water thereby allowing the microbiology of the soil to convert minerals into nourishment for plants.
    • Removes total dissolved solids (TDS) and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic from the water supply.
    • The combination of KDF and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media make the Blue Sky garden hose inline filter perfect for hydroponic and aeroponic gardening systems.
    • Economically effective garden hose water filter that performs for about 1/10th of a cent per gallon of water.
    • Engineered and designed for use in large gardens and nurseries.
    • GrowRite garden hose dechlorinator promotes healthy plant nutrition and growth by reducing the harsh toxic effect of chlorine and chloramines and returns the natural balance to your soil, compost or mulch. Results are as follows:
    *Invigorates organic compost, soil amendments & bio-teas
    *Improves quality of fruits, vegetables & flowers
    *Promotes faster growing plants and gardens
    *Enhances and strengthens plant roots

    Benefits for Compost

    Chlorine and chloramine compounds are used in most municipal water systems to destroy all active microorganisms present in the water. The use of an effective filter is required for watering an organic garden and especially for creating compost tea.

    Compost tea’s biggest enemies are the chlorine & chloramine compounds that are used in all municipal water systems as lethal sanitizing agents. While sterilizing water may be necessary for ensuring the public’s health and safety, such sanitization also bodes death for your soil and will ruin any chances of brewing an effective batch of beneficial compost tea. Thus the need for a garden-friendly in-line chlorine filter that can be easily threaded onto any garden hose.

    The Blue Sky filter will effectively remove chlorine and chloramine compounds from up to 40,000 gallons of water from municipal water supplies. Using advanced materials like the highest quality granulated activated carbon in combination with the patented KDF filtration media, the Blue Sky water filter will perform the specific duty of removing compost tea’s #1 enemy, chlorine! For most farmers, this means a year or more of service.

    Benefits for Marijuana Growers

    There is considerable data to suggest that chlorine and chloramine (a lethal combination of chlorine and ammonia) both affect the health and growth of cannabis. Chloramine is believed to slow the growth of cannabis during the vegetative stage. The Blue Sky garden hose water filter will remove both toxins.

    In addition to chlorine and chloramine removal, the Blue Sky filter is favored by licensed marijuana growers for its ability to dramatically reduce and often eliminate total dissolved solids (TDS) and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic from the water supply. As the legal marijuana industry grows, more attention will be focused on whether the cannabis is organic or contains pesticides or any harmful chemicals.

    Other Uses

    Drinking Water for Pets and Livestock – Give your animals the best that you can.

    Washing Cars, Boats and RVs – No more hard-water spotting.

    Pools and Spas – No need to use metal removers and helps to correct pH and alkalinity issues in all water, including well water.

    Koi Ponds and Aquariums – Allow your fish to start in a more pure environment.

    Cooling Towers – Reduce and eliminate contaminants before they enter the system.

    Fountains, Waterfalls and other Water Attractions – Eliminate scaling and equipment fatigue by removing contaminants from the source water.


    • Connect hose to the Blue Sky filter.
    • Connect hose nozzle to the Blue Sky filter.
    • Replace end caps when not in use. Do not allow the GrowRite Filter to dry or to freeze.
    • Good for up to 40,000 gallons (150,000 liters) of water.
    • Working pressure: 15 – 100 psi.
    • Maximum effective flow rate: 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM).
    • Temperature range: 36° – 102° F (2° – 39° C).

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